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Which has the greater buy-in: a product or business?

Regardless of what you buy, you purchase products for numerous reasons. You might appreciate the workmanship, appearance or price. But in some cases, there may be more to your choice. As demand for business transparency increases, consumers are able to make more informed decisions based on the company. There is a trend toward supporting businesses because of what they stand for, rather than looking for the lowest price on a product.

How much is your time worth?

Business owners, especially new ones, often feel stressed and over-worked. You spend years coming up with your idea and what you are going to do, and you do not want to waste money hiring someone else to do tasks you can do yourself.

Should you talk to a consultant?

When you are at the top of your game, it can be difficult to see where you need to grow or areas you could improve. You may know all the ins and outs of what you do and the most efficient processes for production, but eventually, you reach your limit on what to do next.

Netflix seeks dismissal of trademark lawsuit

California-based streaming service Netflix is seeking a dismissal of a trademark dispute involving the publisher of a popular interactive children's book series. The litigation stems from a case that started when a Vermont-based independent publisher claimed that one of Netflix's original shows made an unflattering reference to its popular book series. The interactive feature film has a scene where a video game designer claims his fictitious work is based on one of the books from this series.

Allegations of discrimination and litigation

We have covered some of the reasons why business lawsuits surface, such as instances of sexual harassment. In this post, we will take a look at discrimination and some of the challenges that can arise in the wake of these allegations. There are many different types of discrimination and each case is unique, which can make it particularly difficult to handle a discrimination case. Moreover, the consequences of these cases can shatter a company, regardless of its size, by destroying the good reputation of a business and bringing on hefty financial penalties.

When your business partner breaches a contract

When you enter into a business partnership with another person in California, you need to have a certain degree of trust in this individual, as any profits or losses your business experiences will directly affect you both. Even if you have the utmost trust in the person with whom you form your partnership, having a carefully crafted partnership agreement in place may help prevent major problems down the line. At the Daily Law Group, we recognize that problems can arise when one party in a business partnership breaches a contract, and we also understand that having a partnership agreement in place may give you additional legal recourse in the event that this happens to you.

Should you have a legal team for your business?

Californian business owners all have their own unique differences, but that doesn't mean you have nothing in common at all. In fact, one similarity is that many business owners run into situations in which legal help might be needed. What about you? The Daily Law Group is here to talk about the importance of having a strong legal presence on your side.

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