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Learn about the country before trying to do business in the UAE

With the availability of international flights and teleconferencing capabilities, the world feels smaller than ever before. This makes connecting with others easier and increases the opportunities for forming international business deals.

Expanding internationally? Pay attention to immigration issues

There are many different issues to consider if you are expanding your business overseas. This may be a great opportunity, but there are a number of legal matters that you may have to look into before moving ahead.

Copyright protection under the Berne Convention

An author or other person in California who produces a copyrightable work understandably wants protection for his or her creative endeavor. The World Intellectual Property Organization reports that the good news is, thanks to the Berne Convention for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works, copyright protection received in the United States may extend around the world.

The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act; part two

In a previous blog, we reviewed two provisions of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act. If you are part of a company in California that is involved in international business transactions, you may have more questions about this law, particularly because violations can result in investigations, sanctions and penalties that could cost your company millions. We at the Daily Law Group have a deep understanding of all the legal aspects of the FCPA, and how companies can stay safely within its boundaries.

The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act; part one

The United States has enacted federal laws to regulate certain international trade actions. Companies in California and elsewhere in the country may find themselves under investigation if they do not take care to become familiar with the ways these laws may intersect with their international business transactions.

Working with international business partners

We have focused on numerous issues related to conducting business on the global stage, and this is an important aspect of conducting business for many companies. In this post, we will look into some of the advantages that may come with international business partners and some of the things you might want to take into consideration before moving forward. From new opportunities to expertise that a business partner located overseas may be able to provide, there are a variety of reasons why these relationships can be crucial for companies in Newport Beach and all over the state of California.

Top tips for doing business in Dubai

Located between Europe, Africa and Asia, Dubai is a bustling city with markets friendly to international businesses. If your California company is ready to make inroads to the Middle East, or Dubai specifically, getting the right business advice is critical to making the move a success. Daily Law Group has helped clients participate in the Dubai World Center initiative and navigate the UAE.

Dubai continues to become friendlier toward U.S. businesses

Many forward-thinking California business owners, particularly those in the technology arena, may be thinking about the global market. According to the MIT Technology Review, Dubai is an increasingly entrepreneur-friendly location that could provide access to millions of new customers.

International trade developments and U.S. government services

California companies involved in international trade are subject to trade policy developments around the globe. The World Trade Organization notes that trade-facilitating and trade-restricting measures are constantly being implemented. In fact, according to the data gathered by the WTO for the period between October 2016 and May 2017, there was an average of more than 10 new measures each month.

Common operating challenges and your international business

Your company has recently made the exciting decision to pursue business on an international level from your headquarters in California. The possibility of expanding globally and reaching new audiences is an incredibly exciting opportunity, but also one that you should carefully navigate to avoid costly consequences. At Daily Law Group, we have helped many international business owners to determine their legal needs as they expand at a global level. 

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