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Determining if -- and how -- you should pursue venture capital

Securing funding to get a business off the ground can be one of the biggest obstacles for a business owner. Investing in a startup is risky, so it is critical that you consider carefully the source of funding you wish to pursue as well as the approach you will take to attract a potential investor.

Common ways businesses raise capital

One of the challenges that entrepreneurs in California and throughout the country face is financing their new endeavor. The good news is that there are many different ways in which this might be accomplished. For instance, it may be possible to get a grant from a private source or a government agency. Obtaining a grant instead of an investment allows a business owner to retain more equity in the organization.

When to use and when not to use an NDA

Entrepreneurs in California looking to get a new venture off the ground may well be interested in securing venture capital in order to help fund their new business. Certainly, it will be necessary for a person to share detailed and even confidential information with a potential investor in order for that party to determine whether or not they will financially support the effort. Before rushing to have a venture capitalist sign a nondisclosure agreement, however, entrepreneurs should stop for a moment.

Finding angel investors for your startup

At the beginning of your new business venture in California, capital may be one of your primary concerns. A traditional bank loan may not be an option, or it may not be enough to fully finance your startup. We at the Daily Law Group have often advised entrepreneurs on the intricacies of finding angel investors.

Research and analysis critical in writing distribution agreements

When companies in California wish to sell a product or service to their customers, they have a couple of options for accomplishing that goal. First, they can consider developing their team of talented sales professionals who are tasked with enthusiastically and informatively educating customers on the use of each product offering. Second, they can rely on distributors to oversee the selling of their products through the implementation of an agreement that outlines their expectations and requirements. 

Recognizing the potential of your new business venture

You have recently come across a promising new business venture, but you are unsure if it is the right decision. Conducting an analysis is critical to prevent wasting resources in something that is not what it appears to be. However, spending too much time making your decision could potentially compromise your opportunity and leave you with a missed chance at something very successful. At Daily Law Group, we have helped many companies in California to protect their assets as they embark on new business ventures. 

Basics of venture capital funding

Among the many challenges associated with getting a new business venture off the ground in California is the issue of how to fund it. Many grand ideas may well have never come to fruition because money was not available to make it happen. Venture capital money can offer entrepreneurs the cash needed to do this. However, it is important to carefully assess the pros and cons of accepting VC funding before jumping in.

How should you prepare to finance a new business venture?

Your company is considering exploring the option of a new venture in California and the opportunity can provide incredible success if leveraged the right way. A significant portion of beginning your new venture will require you to create a plan for financing the operation that will account for potential challenges you may face. 

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