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Lack of agreed-upon payments leads to dispute, lawsuit

One of the most critical aspects of any business relationship is a contract that clarifies the nature of the relationship, who is responsible for what and under what conditions the agreement may be voided. For many companies in California, articulating the details of such transactions is critical in protecting the relationship, as well as keeping confidential information about intellectual assets private and secure. 

Uber pays $148 million following data breach

One of the primary responsibilities that companies in Newport Beach have is to protect their clients' transaction-related information. Businesses invest billions in cybersecurity to ensure that this happens. Yet even with all of the security technology available today, data breaches still happen. How a company handles such a breach may determine what sort of liability issues it may face. Claims over data losses often come from individual clients. Depending on the size of a security breach, however, action can come from state or federal authorities. 

What are derivative actions taken by shareholders?

When the value of a California company is put at risk by a CEO or other individual in authority committing a crime, shareholders can take action. If you believe that the breach of duty has resulted in harming the corporation, you can assert your rights as a shareholder. There are a couple of ways stockholder relief can be found, one of which is filing a derivative action.

Preventing a trademark infringement suit

Your company can establish a trademark by use or legally register it in California to represent your business or a particular product. It can be a word, phrase or symbol. When an original trademarked item and other, very similar service marks are used by multiple entities, it causes consumer confusion and is deemed trademark infringement. At Daily Law Group, we often represent clients whose inadvertent use of a trademarked item results in a lawsuit.

What can you do to protect your company's name?

Your company's name will be a part of your brand, and you hope that one day it will be known throughout California, across the United States and even around the world. To garner that kind of attention, though, you need to ensure that your claim to the name is ironclad. Otherwise, you could end up in a tradename dispute.

Handling a dispute with business partners

Our law firm recognizes that business owners in various fields face many challenges. Sometimes, these hardships may involve staff members, such as sexual harassment allegations as we have discussed on our blog. In other cases, customers may be involved or a business owner may have questions about taking their company global. However, problems can also arise with respect to business partners, and this can be especially tough for those who own major corporations, small family-run businesses, or any type of company. Unfortunately, disputes that arise involving business partners can have a wide range of ramifications if they are not dealt with appropriately.

Wage violations and business litigation

A business may be taken to court for a myriad of reasons and many have been examined on our blog. However, those which involve employee rights can be especially complicated for a business owner to work through due to a number of factors. For example, the outcome of such a case could have an impact on other workers and the entire company. Moreover, key relationships can be adversely impacted by allegations of wage violations and business litigation. In some instances, these cases are handled outside of court, but some employees who believe they have been subjected to any number of wage violations may decide to pursue their case in court.

Business litigation over sexual harassment

As the owner of a business, you are likely aware of many of the different legal challenges you could come across. From copyright matters to shareholder disputes, business owners face a plethora of concerns on a regular basis. Sometimes, legal action may arise as a result of an employee's claim that his or her rights were violated. For example, someone may accuse another of sexually harassing them in the workplace and decide to take their case to the courtroom. In the event that you find yourself in this position, it is crucial to know your rights and the smartest approach.

How can you organize and document business transactions?

If you own your own business in California, chances are you are faced with hundreds of important decisions to make every year. Often, you may need to refer back to notes or contracts that have been previously made for reference in making upcoming decisions. In fact, all of your business transactions should be safely recorded in an organized manner and filed with other important documents. This sensitive information should be kept in a place where it will be safe and accessible only to those who have a reason to access the data. 

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