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Avoiding corporate jargon with your clients

Your clients come to you because you have a combination of skill, reputation and cost that meets their needs. They stay with you because they developed a relationship with you, and you can provide a consistent level of service.

Creating relationships with your clients is essential. Every interaction is an opportunity to remind your client that you are listening and want to provide. Unfortunately, some words and phrases do more harm than good to client relationships.

Here’s why corporate jargon makes client relationships more difficult.

Internal jargon

No one wants to feel like they are not the smartest person in the room. Your clients have confidence in your ability to apply your knowledge to solve their problems, but they do not need a lesson on your internal phrases.

Think about when you describe what you do when you are at a cocktail party. Your clients are looking for similar explanations. While your internal phrases and acronyms may make it easier to talk to colleagues, clients may not feel the same way.

Spending extra time explaining internal jargon for someone who does not need it is not the best use of your collaborative time. Even more simply, if your client does not understand what you are saying, they may not buy.

Synergized corp-speak

In the same boat as the internal jargon are the corporate phrases that are starting to leak into more conversations. They have become the slang terms of business.

In the best situation, your client understands what you are talking about, but is bored with these phrases. Worst case, your customer does not fully understand what you mean and feels excluded.

Use words and phrases, both internally and with clients that everyone can understand, including your newest staff and customers. They will appreciate someone willing to speak to them in their language.

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