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Hiring staff who don't need you

No one talks about micromanaging in a positive light. Managers do not like to do it, and employees do not like experiencing it.

As a business owner, you want to trust your staff to do their best without looking over their shoulder to see if they are on task.

Here are some tips for creating a team that needs little supervision.

Know the unteachable expectations

There are some aspects to any job that, with the right training, anyone can accomplish. While these tasks are essential, they should not be the entirety of an interview.

As you think about the open opportunity, consider what the most successful people in that position have done. Consider what they brought to the role that you teach them. Some jobs require creativity, while others demand endurance and focus on detailed tasks. The employees who have these unteachable traits are the ones who will not need constant supervision.

Asking the right questions

In a lot of ways, an interview is like a first date. Both people are trying to learn about the other and give the correct answers to the questions. Often, future employees are more concerned with thinking up the "right" answer because they fear the truth will leave the wrong impression.

Although there are specific questions you may need to check off your list, try to make the interview a conversation; even if the conversation veers away from the duties of the job. A candidate who discloses a hobby that requires precision, for example, may be revealing a critical characteristic.

Empower them

Once you have great staff, set clear expectations and let them impress you. When your employees have the tools they need to succeed, and they understand what you expect from them, you will find that most employees will seize the opportunity to thrive.

You may be afraid of staff who take advantage of a boss who grants so much freedom. While there may be people who do not excel in this environment, their inability to produce will be clear. Once you identify an employee who requires more supervision, you can either change your approach for that employee or start looking for a replacement.

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