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Building your business’s brand

In many markets, competition is fierce. Companies are more than what they sell. Whether you are in the business of goods or services, there is more to your corporation that what you produce.

More and more, people are shopping based on principle as well as need. While you cannot control the perception of individual people, you can control many aspects of your company’s brand and its impact on the marketplace.

These are some of the factors that contribute to the public face of your business.

Establishing a reputation

You need to have a clear vision for what your company represents, especially if you have employees. Talk to your partners about what your firm represents and how to establish that reputation. Then, communicate with every member of your company what your customers and clients need to experience every time they encounter your brand.

Being consistent with how you (and your employees) represent your brand is essential. Often, your clients will read reviews or talk to friends before ever stepping through your door or clicking on your website. Although the saying goes, “you never get a second chance to make a first impression,” keep in mind that every time you interact with a client, you are establishing the impression they will give to your future customers.

Protecting your image, literally

Some companies have established their brand so well that the image pops into your head the second you hear the name. Not only have they built a reputation for you to associate with the image, but they also protected it with a trademark.

Companies that invest in trademark protection understand the same concept: you cannot build a brand if someone else is using the same image. Once you have an image that represents your brand, take steps to protect it, and use it as much as possible. Make sure that your company’s images are synonymous with the name and vice versa.

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