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Attracting the best employees

As unemployment numbers continue to decline in California and throughout the U.S., the burden at the negotiation table has shifted to the employer to provide the best benefits.

A potential employee may come to you already considering other offers, ready to see what you have. Although some are looking strictly at take-home pay, many more are looking for the perks that will make work something to look forward to.

Here are some of the areas you should think about as you continue to evaluate the benefits package your corporation offers.

Health insurance is only a start

With only a few exceptions, most employers offer health insurance. Now, the question is how good the insurance is, what it will cover and how much it will cost.

An employee who would lose a sizable portion of their take-home pay to cover their family is not going to see your insurance plan as a significant benefit. As you consider the health insurance options for your employees, think about how much the cost will go up for people with a family to cover. Often, the difference between getting one person versus a family can seem more like a pay cut than a benefit.

Location, location, location

Your corporation can have a beautiful campus with an elaborate cafeteria or breakroom, but if employees still feel chained to a desk in a sea of cubicles, working for you will seem draining.

Some jobs require a person to be physically present in a specific location for the entire workday. For your other employees, consider the appeal of options, such as:

  • Alternative spaces. Some of your employees may need to be on campus but might benefit from alternative workspaces when they need to get away from a desk.
  • Quiet areas. Depending on the job, cubicle life can be noisy and distracting. Consider setting aside an area for employees that work better in a quiet atmosphere.
  • Remote work. Offering the ability to work outside the office can help employees who are trying to reduce dependence on a car or families where one spouse has to travel. Remote workers also allow you to expand your potential talent-pool to people outside your geographic region.

Offering a diverse compensation package (or being open to negotiating one) can help your company attract the best talent for your business.

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