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Is your freelance work ready to be more?

It seems people never run out of ideas to improve life for themselves and the people around them. What seems like a small project for a friend can quickly turn into a freelance side hustle with the potential for more.

Your freelance work may be a continuation of what you do for a larger company, or it might be an outlet for your creative side while you do other work full time. In either situation, you may dream of a day when your freelance work is your primary source of income.

Here are some signs your freelance work can be more than a side hustle.

You have been able to raise your prices

When you first started, you were probably so thankful to have work that you undervalued what you were doing. Many new freelancers are so happy to establish a name with their first few clients that they are willing to work for very little.

As time goes on and your clients begin to refer other clients, you value (and your workload) begin to grow. If you have successfully raised your prices and managed to keep a group of loyal customers, you may be able to turn your freelance work into a small business.

You are turning down work

Times have changed. Where you were once begging for freelance work, you can now turn down clients because you have so many projects on your plate.

You may recognize that this is an excellent problem to have, but wonder what you can do about it. In every transition, there will be growing pains; a time when it is too expensive to hire more staff, but more work than you can handle in your current situation.

Even if you are turning down work, if the level coming in stays steady, it might be time to consider making your business bigger. If, on the other hand, it was a temporary surge that dies off after a brief time, it may be best to stay on a smaller scale until you can support growth.

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