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Getting to know your virtual customer

Even if your business has a physical location, there is still more to your business and your brand than the shop where you put out your shingle. Over the last couple of decades, marketing went from large phone books to email to online stores, and the changes happened faster than many businesses could keep up with.

The modern obstacle is getting to know a customer you may never see. Your customer, after all, is the one who will decide if your marketing is working and whether the latest changes to your product were for the best.

Here are some ways to get to know your virtual clientele.

Intentional, but not invasive

Your new generation of customers may seem challenging to get to know. They probably do not want to call you or have you call them, but they want answers to their questions right away. They also want to feel heard and that you care about their concerns.

It is a tricky balance, but intentional contact with a new generation can give your business the boost it needs to keep producing. Make sure you have someone on your team who can:

  • Track client communication preferences
  • Reply to website and email inquiries quickly
  • Make decisions about client concern resolutions
  • Update your website with changes to your business

When you can communicate with clients without overwhelming them, they will be more responsive and can help you understand what they need from your company.

Your social media game includes more than Facebook

The first social media platforms only worked with certain crowds and seemed to expire quickly. Now, with a more web-based market, social media is one of the main ways your clients find you.

As you tune into your audience, consider how they respond to different social media posts and platforms. Think about whether your customers turn to your social media page for information or entertainment.

When you understand the people who love your product, you can develop a strategy that your customers appreciate so they can help you build your brand.

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