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Nobody can read your mind. Don’t let them steal your intellect.

When you put your creativity to the test, you probably want your name attached. Developing an artistic work often requires extreme dedication and can entail years of edits, sacrifice and revisions.

Although numerous people may recognize your work, you obtained a copyright to retain your exclusive rights to it. But if someone infringes on those rights, do you know how to hold them accountable?

You can retain ownership of your intellectual property

You probably do not want others to infringe upon your intellectual property and deprive yourself of any financial gain. Whether you wrote a book, developed software or took photos, a copyright can prevent another person from displaying, performing, reproducing, distributing or basing another work on your copyrighted material.

In some instances, you might believe someone used your work without your permission. And while the penalties they could face for doing so may vary depending on their profit gained or the extent or nature of its use, you will have to prove copyright infringement.

How can you prove someone infringed on your copyright?

There are serious penalties for copyright infringement. These include legal fees, financial damages and jail time. But in order to hold someone accountable for using your work without your permission, you must prove:

  • You possess a valid copyright for your work
  • The opposing party had access to your creation
  • Illegal use of your copyrighted material occurred

While it may be difficult to prove another person’s intent in using your work, an attorney who has experience with intellectual property can work with you to protect what is rightfully yours.

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