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Essentials for setting up a medical spa in California

Those with entrepreneurial spirits are continuously looking for ways to build their dreams by offering their services to the public. And given people’s desire to maintain a youthful appearance, a medical spa could seem like a lucrative business opportunity.

Whether you would like to offer your clients the opportunity to tighten their skin, fill wrinkles or minimize the appearance of their pores, you likely understand the opportunities that exist within the health and beauty industry. However, if you consider opening a medical spa, do you know how to plan for success?

What do you need to consider as you develop your concept for a medical spa?

As with any enterprise, you must examine the market potential, evaluate your competition and find ways to differentiate your concept. Depending on the amount of financial backing you secure, you should also determine your scalability.

While you work with your team to develop your strategy, create partnership agreements and form your business entity, you also need to:

  • Figure out the best location. You must think about not only how far your target market will be willing to travel for your services but also find an area in which they are willing to meet your price point. Will your clients feel safe in your chosen location? And how do zoning laws apply?
  • Secure appropriate insurance coverage. Because of your desire to offer medical services, insurance will take a large cut out of your budget. However, having malpractice coverage in addition to your property and liability policies may be invaluable in the future.
  • Structure your business ownership according to the law. Toeing the line between offering medical services and cosmetic treatments remains relatively new and carries some risk. However, understanding the laws that pertain to the ownership of a medical spa may be paramount in your success. For example, a licensed physician must be the majority owner in a medical corporation in California, and no layperson may hold stock in the company.

When founding your business, it is essential to protect your interests. And during the formation of a medical spa, adherence to established laws will also help you protect your clientele.  

Many business owners define “success” by the amount of money they make. However, in some instances, that definition includes the continued health and safety of those you serve.

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