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You Can Change The Way People See You And Your Business

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If you ever took a course in philosophy, perhaps you have heard of Heraclitus of Ephesus. Even if you cannot identify him, you are likely familiar with his saying that the only constant in life is change. It may be typical to want things to change as you are younger. As you get older, you might find it harder to adapt to change. However, founding partner of Daily Law Group, James Daily, recently contributed to a CNBC article on how you can recreate yourself because whether you welcome it or not, change is inevitable.

Do You Need To Grow Your Business?

Change might be difficult for you to accept or pursue. But in many cases, once you wrap your mind around the changes that are happening around you, you can use that energy to make changes within, and for, yourself. Embracing changes in your life might include recreating yourself, and that could cause others to see you differently - both in your personal life and in business.

How Do Business Owners Recreate Themselves?

As James Daily prepared to apply for law school at Pepperdine, he realized that reinventing oneself can follow a progression of "Do. Make. Be." While your challenges and goals might be different than Mr. Daily's, you can apply the following steps to your life and business venture as well.

  • Do. Whatever it is you want to do must begin with action. Do not just talk about what you want to happen in your life. Take continual strides toward your goal.
  • Make. Only you can make things happen in your life. That is not to say that others cannot be instrumental, or their input is not valued. Rather, as you do whatever it takes to achieve your goal, you can make it happen - whatever your designated "it" is.
  • Be. When your steps lead to bringing your goal to fruition, you can be the person, partner or business owner you set out to become.

Once you get to where you aimed to be, there are still changes you can, and probably will, make within yourself. Others might take time to accept your new role or income bracket. And they may need to adjust to your newfound confidence. But once you prove to yourself that you can make things happen, you might decide to set your focus on other things and let people accept you as they will.

Depending on the severity of the changes you face in your life, you might need to take steps to recreate yourself. And while it likely will not happen immediately, this will likely change the way others view you and your business.

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