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Finding angel investors for your startup

At the beginning of your new business venture in California, capital may be one of your primary concerns. A traditional bank loan may not be an option, or it may not be enough to fully finance your startup. We at the Daily Law Group have often advised entrepreneurs on the intricacies of finding angel investors.

Are you guilty of self-dealing?

California, like every other state throughout the nation, considers self-dealing by a fiduciary to be an illegal act punishable at a criminal level. The very purpose of assigning a fiduciary is to avoid conflicts-of-interest. One of the main types of conflict of interest is self-dealing. In some instances, self-dealing is pretty straight forward – you are either guilty of it or you are not. In others, however, the act is not so obvious. FiduciaryNews.com shares a few ways in which you or someone you know may be guilty of self-dealing.

Signature dance moves may not be protected by copyright laws

The point of intellectual property laws in California, the United States and around the world is to allow people to profit from the creations they dream up. According to the World Intellectual Property Organization, that includes inventions, art, symbols and more, which the creators may use in commerce

The risks and benefits of structured finance

If you are the owner of a business, you will know that a key part of successful growth is about gaining the right type of financing. Financing for businesses can be a great deal more complex than individual financing such as mortgages or loans. Structured financing options are created for borrowers who need financing on a large scale. In order to do this, they will want to make sure that they are minimizing their risk, and this is why the lending process becomes more complex.

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