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The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act; part two

In a previous blog, we reviewed two provisions of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act. If you are part of a company in California that is involved in international business transactions, you may have more questions about this law, particularly because violations can result in investigations, sanctions and penalties that could cost your company millions. We at the Daily Law Group have a deep understanding of all the legal aspects of the FCPA, and how companies can stay safely within its boundaries.

The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act; part one

The United States has enacted federal laws to regulate certain international trade actions. Companies in California and elsewhere in the country may find themselves under investigation if they do not take care to become familiar with the ways these laws may intersect with their international business transactions.

Research and analysis critical in writing distribution agreements

When companies in California wish to sell a product or service to their customers, they have a couple of options for accomplishing that goal. First, they can consider developing their team of talented sales professionals who are tasked with enthusiastically and informatively educating customers on the use of each product offering. Second, they can rely on distributors to oversee the selling of their products through the implementation of an agreement that outlines their expectations and requirements. 

What are the grounds to remove a trustee?

While being the beneficiary of a trust offers you some degree of security, it can also be the source of frustration in that you may feel subject to the whims of the trustee. From a high-level view, it may seem as though a trustee has all of the power over both a trust's property and its beneficiaries. Yet in reality, the trustee administering the trust you are party to in Newport Beach indirectly works for you and your fellow beneficiaries. 

What are the signs of investment fraud?

More often than not, California business men and women make investments based on sound research and trust. However, it is not unheard of for even the savviest of investors to fall for investment fraud. If you fall victim of an investment scam, you stand to lose hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars, which is why it is imperative that you know the signs of fraud so that you can avoid it. 

Do you know your rights if your parent disinherits you?

When your parents have significant means, it is common to expect to receive at least a portion of those assets when your parent dies. Typically, people who create estate plans do so to provide the best possible future for their children and loved ones. Unfortunately, sometimes the last will or estate plan of a person you love and trust doesn't seem to reflect the nature of your relationship.

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