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Top tips for doing business in Dubai

Located between Europe, Africa and Asia, Dubai is a bustling city with markets friendly to international businesses. If your California company is ready to make inroads to the Middle East, or Dubai specifically, getting the right business advice is critical to making the move a success. Daily Law Group has helped clients participate in the Dubai World Center initiative and navigate the UAE.

If you are ready for a fast-moving, multi-cultural environment, here are three tips to help avoid some of the most common pitfalls:

Choose quality over quantity

 According to Entrepreneur Middle East, Dubai’s rapid growth has attracted show-offs. It’s filled with companies boasting to be the biggest, the best and the one and only, which has resulted in a lot of noise. Don’t join the masses. Stand apart by using clean designs, tasteful business collateral and some humility. This strategy fits with the modern minimalism trend that is leaving the gaudy campaigns and overused clichés in the past.

Go with the flow

Negotiations and meetings have a different rhythm in Dubai than in the U.S or Europe. Being patient and thoughtful before you speak and taking cultural diversity into account can serve your international business well. Arriving at meetings with punctuality and being flexible with your agenda and timetable can help smooth the road and may also help speed their decision making.       

Hire the right people

In some areas, there is a significant cultural difference between Dubai and Western business practices. Identifying and hiring the right type of people can bridge the gap and can help your business thrive, from fluency in several languages and international experience to local knowledge.

As a result of a growing middle class and increased consumer spending, the government is encouraging ongoing economic growth by making Dubai friendly for businesses. Like any new market, it has challenges unique to the region. Learning to maneuver through these uncharted waters can help your venture succeed where others fail. Visit our webpage for more information on this topic.

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