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Uber pays $148 million following data breach

One of the primary responsibilities that companies in Newport Beach have is to protect their clients' transaction-related information. Businesses invest billions in cybersecurity to ensure that this happens. Yet even with all of the security technology available today, data breaches still happen. How a company handles such a breach may determine what sort of liability issues it may face. Claims over data losses often come from individual clients. Depending on the size of a security breach, however, action can come from state or federal authorities. 

How to contest undue influence as a beneficiary

Cognitive disorders such as dementia and Alzheimer’s are common in the older U.S. population. In California, there is also a concentration of wealth in this group of citizens. When combined with the complexities of your family relations, challenging a will with allegations of undue influence due to the elder’s altered mental capacity is common. At Daily Law Group, we have experience representing clients who believe their elder relative was not mentally fit when creating their will, making it invalid.

What are derivative actions taken by shareholders?

When the value of a California company is put at risk by a CEO or other individual in authority committing a crime, shareholders can take action. If you believe that the breach of duty has resulted in harming the corporation, you can assert your rights as a shareholder. There are a couple of ways stockholder relief can be found, one of which is filing a derivative action.

Top tips for doing business in Dubai

Located between Europe, Africa and Asia, Dubai is a bustling city with markets friendly to international businesses. If your California company is ready to make inroads to the Middle East, or Dubai specifically, getting the right business advice is critical to making the move a success. Daily Law Group has helped clients participate in the Dubai World Center initiative and navigate the UAE.

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