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Before sending an employee on an assignment overseas

The team at the Daily Law Group in California understands that to compete in a global market, you have to be able to maximize your employee expertise in locations around the world. For example, if you have a business location in the Middle East, you may need to send someone from your California office to learn and share the knowledge and cultures of the organization with both locations.

According to the Harvard Business Review, you should consider these factors first, or the process may be cost-prohibitive.

Making the right choices for relocation

Because sending someone to the Middle East could cost your company three times that person's regular salary, you should identify the specific benefits of the transfer and make sure you cannot acquire these in some other way. If not, then the next step is identifying the person who will be able to succeed in that specific mission. This employee should be open-minded, and willing and able to adapt to the culture.

Maintaining communication

You will need to assign sponsors both home and abroad to keep the employee on track with the broad and specific goals of the mission in both locations. The home sponsor needs to keep in mind that one primary communication focus should be identifying how the things the employee is learning will help the company.

The employee will also need to be able to apply the things he or she learned to personal growth and development. Communication over the final six months should involve helping the employee identify the knowledge, skills and qualifications learned and how these will transfer to the home location. The employee will also need assistance in reintegrating into the culture of the home location and in processing the experience. 

Sharing the employee's new knowledge

Your company may have its own processes in place for maximizing employee specializations and skills so that everyone in the company has access to them. For example, perhaps you have your own social media set-up so that all employees can identify which colleagues have the knowledge they need for accomplishing their duties, and communicate with them. Your employee may then answer questions and share the knowledge through this medium. Or, you may have a company blog where employees share their experiences and knowledge, or you may have seminars and presentations. The methods you use depend on your company's policies, organization and culture.

More information about meeting your company's global needs is available on our webpage.

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