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Common operating challenges and your international business

Your company has recently made the exciting decision to pursue business on an international level from your headquarters in California. The possibility of expanding globally and reaching new audiences is an incredibly exciting opportunity, but also one that you should carefully navigate to avoid costly consequences. At Daily Law Group, we have helped many international business owners to determine their legal needs as they expand at a global level. 

Before sending an employee on an assignment overseas

The team at the Daily Law Group in California understands that to compete in a global market, you have to be able to maximize your employee expertise in locations around the world. For example, if you have a business location in the Middle East, you may need to send someone from your California office to learn and share the knowledge and cultures of the organization with both locations.

Handling a dispute with business partners

Our law firm recognizes that business owners in various fields face many challenges. Sometimes, these hardships may involve staff members, such as sexual harassment allegations as we have discussed on our blog. In other cases, customers may be involved or a business owner may have questions about taking their company global. However, problems can also arise with respect to business partners, and this can be especially tough for those who own major corporations, small family-run businesses, or any type of company. Unfortunately, disputes that arise involving business partners can have a wide range of ramifications if they are not dealt with appropriately.

Wage violations and business litigation

A business may be taken to court for a myriad of reasons and many have been examined on our blog. However, those which involve employee rights can be especially complicated for a business owner to work through due to a number of factors. For example, the outcome of such a case could have an impact on other workers and the entire company. Moreover, key relationships can be adversely impacted by allegations of wage violations and business litigation. In some instances, these cases are handled outside of court, but some employees who believe they have been subjected to any number of wage violations may decide to pursue their case in court.

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