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Business litigation over sexual harassment

As the owner of a business, you are likely aware of many of the different legal challenges you could come across. From copyright matters to shareholder disputes, business owners face a plethora of concerns on a regular basis. Sometimes, legal action may arise as a result of an employee's claim that his or her rights were violated. For example, someone may accuse another of sexually harassing them in the workplace and decide to take their case to the courtroom. In the event that you find yourself in this position, it is crucial to know your rights and the smartest approach.

When fiduciary negligence affects your trust income

The trustee your parents chose to manage their California estate on your behalf has been taking care of things for years, but recently, your income has dipped, and it appears that there is a problem with some of the investments that have been made. We at the Daily Law Group often review circumstances involving trusts for clients to determine if trustees have been negligent in fulfilling their fiduciary duties to the beneficiaries.

When succession planning isn't enough: choosing a new CEO

The Chief Executive Officer in any California corporation holds authority that could make or break the business. If the succession plan is unsuccessful in setting up a replacement for an out-going CEO, the process of choosing a new one may involve many risks to the company's future.

Handling an international business dispute

Our law firm recently posted a write-up on the perks associated with taking a company global. Indeed, making this decision can be an excellent way to take your business to the next level. With that said, there are times when international disputes may arise. Business disputes can arise regardless of whether you expand internationally, but international business disputes can be particularly complicated, in certain instances. However, you should not become unnecessarily stressed out if you have found yourself in this position. Instead, you should focus on handling the disagreement appropriately.

How can you organize and document business transactions?

If you own your own business in California, chances are you are faced with hundreds of important decisions to make every year. Often, you may need to refer back to notes or contracts that have been previously made for reference in making upcoming decisions. In fact, all of your business transactions should be safely recorded in an organized manner and filed with other important documents. This sensitive information should be kept in a place where it will be safe and accessible only to those who have a reason to access the data. 

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