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Addressing the breach of fiduciary duties

When someone acts as a fiduciary agent, such as a trustee, they have a tremendous responsibility. Unfortunately, some people in this position fail to abide by their fiduciary duties and violate the rights of beneficiaries, creating a number of problems for beneficiaries such as financial complications and stress. Our law office firmly believes that those who are struggling as a result of a fiduciary agent failing to abide by his or her obligations deserve justice. In some instances, legal action is necessary to hold a negligent fiduciary agent responsible.

When it comes to fiduciary negligence, all sorts of issues may need to be reviewed. For example, a dispute may involve family members who are bitter about the way in which a loved one decided to distribute his or her assets before they passed away. Moreover, these disputes can create complications that affect the entire family. However, if your rights were violated by a fiduciary agent, it is important for you to stand up for yourself, regardless of whether or not the person is related to you.

Unfortunately, fiduciary negligence is not always addressed, resulting in the improper distribution of assets. From the failure to handle investments properly to the mismanagement of a trust, there are a  variety of ways in which people breach their fiduciary duties, all of which are unacceptable. If you are struggling with this firsthand, do not hesitate to stand up for your rights. Our page on fiduciary abuse has more information related to the breach of fiduciary duties.

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