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When litigation arises over real estate

Business law encompasses many areas and business owners may find themselves in court for all sorts of reasons. However, some can be especially challenging to work through, such as a dispute involving real estate. If your business is in the middle of litigation that has surfaced over real estate, or you anticipate that you will find yourself in the courtroom in the near future, it is crucial for you to carefully go over all of your options. After all, the outcome of a lawsuit over real estate or any other aspect of business law could have a huge impact on your business' future.

LLC not always an option in California

Every new start-up business has many different ways that it can be organized, all of which have advantages and disadvantages. Often, the limited liability corporation (LLC) is the simplest and best way to proceed. In California, however, most professional service providers are specifically prohibited from doing so.

Essential items for secure distributor agreements

A distribution agreement is a legally binding document between parties that outlines the right to sell merchandise in return for fair compensation. A distribution arrangement is essential for product circulation and a strong distribution agreement is a must for establishing vendor relationships. Using a distributor is an effective way to place products in new or expanding markets.

Addressing the breach of fiduciary duties

When someone acts as a fiduciary agent, such as a trustee, they have a tremendous responsibility. Unfortunately, some people in this position fail to abide by their fiduciary duties and violate the rights of beneficiaries, creating a number of problems for beneficiaries such as financial complications and stress. Our law office firmly believes that those who are struggling as a result of a fiduciary agent failing to abide by his or her obligations deserve justice. In some instances, legal action is necessary to hold a negligent fiduciary agent responsible.

The benefits of taking your company global

As a business owner, you are probably always looking for new ways to grow and move your company forward. There are many ways this can be accomplished, but expanding your business on a global scale can be particularly beneficial for some business owners. Moreover, the growth opportunities associated with taking a company global are not limited to major corporations in a handful of fields but may be the right move for entrepreneurs and those who run a wide variety of businesses.

Handling a business lawsuit properly

From allegations of fraud to the alleged breach of a contract, business lawsuits arise for all sorts of reasons. As the owner of a business that is being taken to court, you need to carefully approach the case and make sure that your business' interests are going to be protected to the best of your ability. We recently discussed some of the consequences of business litigation, which can be financially ruinous and may even lead to a business closing altogether. By reviewing the ins and outs of the case and making sure that all bases are covered as soon as possible, these consequences may be avoidable or the extent of a lawsuit's damage may be minimized.

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