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When a retailer decides to set up a pop-up shop

These days, there are a lot of options for retailers beyond having a traditional long-term brick-and-mortar store. There are, of course, the various opportunities that the growth of the online market has opened up. Also, there is the option of setting up a pop-up store.

A pop-up shop is a short-term store that a retailer sets up at a location. These stores have been growing in popularity as of late. Reportedly, in 2016, the pop-up store segment here in America was valued at around $50 billion.

There are many things that could draw a retailer to setting up a pop-up shop. They may want to test out a new product or concept. They may want to create a special shopping experience for their customers. Or they may want an opportunity to build customer loyalty and brand awareness that doesn’t require the big investment that establishing a long-term brick-and-mortar store generally entails.

There are various decisions for a retailer to make when setting up a pop-up store. One is where to locate the store. There are many different options for where to put a pop-up shop, including:

  • A kiosk or cart.
  • A vacant street-level retail space.
  • A space specifically dedicated to pop-up shops and similar temporary presences.
  • A storefront in a mall.
  • A space within another retail store.

These options vary in their costs, availability, advantages and disadvantages. So, thinking carefully about their goals and needs for their pop-up store can be important for a small business owner when picking a location for their shop.

Various decisions can also arise for a business owner when it comes to the legal matters related to setting up and operating their pop-up store. This could include big decisions when legal disputes arise related to their store. Which way a business owner opts to go when it comes to these decisions could have major impacts regarding their goals for their pop-up shop. So, when impactful legal decisions come up for a retail business owner in relation to a pop-up store, they may want to talk with a skilled business law attorney about the different routes they could take and what the likely impacts and consequences of the different routes would be.

Source: Small Business Trends, “Pop-Up Shops Keep Popping Up (INFOGRAPHIC),” Shubhomita Bose, Oct. 1, 2017

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