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Building your business’s brand

In many markets, competition is fierce. Companies are more than what they sell. Whether you are in the business of goods or services, there is more to your corporation that what you produce.

More and more, people are shopping based on principle as well as need. While you cannot control the perception of individual people, you can control many aspects of your company’s brand and its impact on the marketplace.

Attracting the best employees

As unemployment numbers continue to decline in California and throughout the U.S., the burden at the negotiation table has shifted to the employer to provide the best benefits.

A potential employee may come to you already considering other offers, ready to see what you have. Although some are looking strictly at take-home pay, many more are looking for the perks that will make work something to look forward to.

Preparing for your first safety inspection

There are a lot of considerations when you want to open your door to the public. Along with the potential for profit comes significant liability if a customer or staff member were injured.

One of the reasons for the lengthy list of requirements you get from agencies like OSHA is to set a minimum expectation for safety so that you can avoid accidents. Depending on the nature of your business, an inspector may look at anything from aisle width to the expiration dates on your fire extinguishers.

Getting to know your virtual customer

Even if your business has a physical location, there is still more to your business and your brand than the shop where you put out your shingle. Over the last couple of decades, marketing went from large phone books to email to online stores, and the changes happened faster than many businesses could keep up with.

The modern obstacle is getting to know a customer you may never see. Your customer, after all, is the one who will decide if your marketing is working and whether the latest changes to your product were for the best.

What can a recent college graduate teach you about investing?

Many college kids enjoy a variety of extracurricular activities when they are not in class. Whether that includes playing sports, campus leadership efforts or social gatherings, students often find ways to enhance their collegiate experience.

However, one recent college graduate faces criminal charges due to allegations of running a Ponzi scheme while working on earning his degree. The man allegedly offered other students, recent graduates and family members of alumni the opportunity to invest in a purported hedge fund, claiming generated returns in excess of 50%. Meanwhile, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) claims the fund did not exist.

Is your freelance work ready to be more?

It seems people never run out of ideas to improve life for themselves and the people around them. What seems like a small project for a friend can quickly turn into a freelance side hustle with the potential for more.

Your freelance work may be a continuation of what you do for a larger company, or it might be an outlet for your creative side while you do other work full time. In either situation, you may dream of a day when your freelance work is your primary source of income.

Sports Illustrated magazine purchased for $110 million

Sports Illustrated magazine is likely familiar to you regardless of your interest in professional athletics. And you may be interested in the magazine’s recent change in ownership whether you subscribe to the magazine.

With the growth of the internet came a decline in subscriptions for print publications. Yet, Authentic Brands Group recently paid $110 million to purchase Sports Illustrated (SI) from Meredith Corporation.

My partner made the wrong call

Having a business partner can be a tremendous asset. If you are lucky, you can find someone who has strengths where you need the most help.

Including someone as your business partner means trusting them with a significant amount of responsibility. They do, after all, need to be able to act when the business has needs. The danger, however, is that your partner may not make the same decisions you would.

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