Dictators and Kleptocrats up to no good? Recovering Stolen Assets Is Possible With Our Help

When tangible or intangible assets are stolen or looted from the people of a country and transferred to the U.S., is there any way for the rightful owners to recover them? The answer is yes, thanks to our strict anti-theft laws.

At the Daily Law Group in California, we are a respected pioneer in these unique and complex cases. From government funds to damaging videos and intellectual property, our attorneys assist clients across the globe to trace and recover assets that have been stolen. These cases often involve serious and sophisticated matters that most law firms are not equipped to handle.

As long as the stolen property is tied to something here - such as when embezzled money from France is used to buy a house in Beverly Hills - our firm can pursue a lawsuit seeking recovery and damages. If we can help the people of a nation, we certainly can also help you recover from your thieving business partner, corporate partner, embezzler or con-artist.

We Represent International And Domestic Clients

We assist a wide array of clientele in international asset tracking and recovery, including:

  • Ambassadors of countries worldwide
  • Foreign and domestic civilians
  • Foreign corporations and businesses
  • National authorities
  • Multinationals
  • Global organizations
  • Sovereign states

We have ample resources at our disposal and in-depth knowledge of this cutting-edge area of law. Do not hesitate to reach out for legal advice and representation.

Examples Of Cases We Are Equipped To Resolve

We are ready and able to tackle a wide array of cases. Examples of matters we can handle include:

  • Recovering money on behalf of Congolese people, after a "blood diamond" merchant buys California real estate with his illegally obtained jewels.
  • Recovering funds on behalf of the Filipino people, after a corrupt dictator like Ferdinand Marcos robs the government.
  • Recovering tax money on behalf of the Russian people, after corrupt tax officials (such as those accused in the death of accountant Sergei Magnitsky) defraud the country.
  • Recovering money embezzled from major corporations and businesses worldwide.
  • Preventing national media outlets from publishing videos that could damage a rock star's reputation, after that celebrity's phone was stolen.
  • Suing U.S. banks that are in receipt of stolen property.

What Do You Need To Prove To Bring A Lawsuit?

Under California Penal Code 496(c), we must support our allegations of injury by proving three elements. These three elements include:

  • Proving that property is stolen
  • The defendant received, possessed, withheld or concealed the property
  • The defendant was aware that the property was stolen

Once we prove these elements, we will fight for damages. We can file a lawsuit for case costs, attorneys' fees and the actual amount of damages. Learn more by reading our published article.

We Will Fight Strategically To Recover Your Assets

Call our Newport Beach office at 949-662-6000 or request an appointment online to learn about your rights. No matter the size of your case or value of your assets, our lawyers will ensure you receive the highest quality representation available.