Protect Yourself | Don't Get Conned

Orange County is full of successful people and opportunities for wealth enhancement. With such a density of billionaires and millionaires, it naturally follows that con-men will abound as well. Often those targeted never see the con coming. Fraud can also develop out of close and trusting relationships without an initial intention to do wrong, but rather happens as a need or want develops. While your attention is elsewhere, others are self-dealing and taking advantage of your wealth and reaping the financial benefits.

Your focus has likely not been on protecting yourself, but rather where it should be — on your family, on your business and on your own life. However, getting the right strategy in place to uncover and then protect against fraud is critical to protecting your assets for years to come.

Experienced | Comprehensive Approach To Fraud Cases

At the Daily Law Group, our team of lawyers assists clients on a regular basis who have unfortunately become targets for wrongdoing, including fraud. When a client comes to us for help and guidance, we provide a comprehensive approach often seeking expert advice from financial professionals and investigators.

With over 27 years of litigation experience, our founding attorney James Daily has developed a niche practice working in all areas of financial wrongdoing, including fiduciary abuse litigation matters, fraud, business and corporate disputes.

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