Fighting Against Financial Exploitation Of The Elderly

Physical abuse leaves behind evidence that cannot be easily concealed. Bruises, lacerations, marks and scars tip off friends and family that their loved one is being abused.

Financial abuse, on the other hand, is not always as easily identifiable. Often targeting elderly adults, fraudsters can deceive even the most cautious individuals. Our attorneys have seen predators use religion, extortion and intimidation to control their victims. We are here to end this cycle of abuse and recover compensation from financial elder abusers.

Do Not Ignore The Red Flags

With over 30 years of combined experience, our legal team at The Daily Law Group has helped hundreds of victims and their families to recover financial compensation for their losses. With countless cases under our belts, we have learned how to identify the signs of abuse from the moment it occurs.

Common signs of financial elder abuse include:

  • Money or valuables that are unaccounted for
  • Unpaid bills or eviction notices
  • An unexpected confidante in the elder's life, or someone they met online
  • A new or updated estate plan, or changes to other legal documents
  • Missing financial documents and statements
  • Charged exorbitant fees for basic services such as home maintenance or care

Not all victims are forthcoming about the abuse with family members. They may feel ashamed or guilty for letting it occur and worry what will happen if they tell the truth. In other cases, their pride prompts them to deny that abuse could have occurred. This is why it is so important to call our California office immediately if you suspect financial fraud. Let us investigate further.

Learn If Your Elderly Loved One May Be A Victim

If you believe your loved one is being financially exploited, we urge you to take immediate action with our assistance.

If you have identified red flags or want to confirm your suspicions, call our lawyers for a confidential consultation at 949-612-2743. Appointments at our Newport Beach office may also be requested online.