Providing A Comprehensive Legal And Public Relations Effort

The attorney-client privilege is a very useful tool in a time of crisis. You can never be prepared for every eventuality. When a crisis occurs you need access to professionals who can react quickly to protect your interests.

The Daily Law Group is a firm with experience helping corporations and business owners deal effectively with sudden crises. In 2009, Mr. Daily was part of The Wall Street Journal story on "Private Equity Management Group" and its fund manager Danny Pang. At the Daily Law Group we will:

  • Quickly take stock of a situation
  • Identify key areas of concern
  • Undertake a comprehensive program of crisis management services

How you react in the initial stages of a lawsuit or public relations problem can have significant long-term effects on your company and business interests. For more information about our firm's capabilities or immediate help in a crisis, contact our firm.

Preserving Confidentiality And Protecting Your Interests

When you retain Daily Law Group, all communications between your company and our law firm remain confidential. A public relations firm on the other hand, can make no such guarantee.

Our attorneys have the experience your organization needs to effectively deal with your emergency. If your organization faces a serious crisis with a public relations component, hiring a law firm that can privately reach out to media relations is the key.

Assemble And Direct A Team Of Professionals

Our firm has extensive contacts with professionals in many disciplines, including former special agents whose entire background has been in accounting and finance, experts in medicine, engineering and other specialty areas. Our lawyers can draw upon their expertise and direct their efforts to achieve specific goals.

Effectively Manage Public Relations

Our founder and principal, James Daily, is a trial attorney who is comfortable in adversarial situations. With his guidance, we will develop an overall communications strategy, and if necessary, he may serve as your organization's spokesman. In addition, the firm will be efficiently working to:

  • Conduct confidential internal or external investigations on several levels, and report on our findings.
  • Our firm can identify potential legal risks, and if necessary, prepare for potential litigation. An early start in this regard can provide many benefits.

Contact Our Experienced Team Today For More Information

We have extensive experience in litigation involving domestic and international finance, commercial disputes, business fraud, personal injury torts and other matters. We also provide a full range of transactional services to companies in California, other states and overseas in the Middle East.

For experienced legal advice, services and representation in a crisis turn to Daily Law Group. You may reach us online or by phone at our Newport Beach office at 949-612-2743 or toll-free at 800-491-2712.