When The Stakes Are High We Are Prepared For The Challenge

Your company has been hit with high-stakes litigation, turns out your fellow board members are self-dealing and the people you have known your entire career are just not who you thought they were. The pressure is on to choose a lawyer. You may not be sure who to select.

For your business, it is best to choose the most trusted — the one who can help you keep your head when all those around you are losing theirs and blaming it on you.

At the Daily Law Group, we have been helping businesses navigate the challenges that face them whether routine or out of the ordinary. We take each corporate litigation case and client seriously, thoroughly walking them through the options and strategy that are appropriate for their circumstances. Never backing down from a fight, we will aggressively pursue your claim and protect your rights.

At The Head Of Our Team: A Thought Leader

With over 27 years of experience in business litigation, our founding attorney James Daily leads his team of skilled attorneys through the myriad issues that arise in corporate disputes. He is recognized as a thought leader in his practice and continues to find creative solutions and resolutions for every client. From small to large enterprises, we know the challenges can be overwhelming.

Our business acumen combined with our extensive knowledge in fiduciary abuse litigation, we are able to guide you through the crisis to the other end of the tunnel. We work with professionals with all types of backgrounds, including those in accounting and finance, medical and engineering experts and other specialty areas. We regularly consult with experts to get you the information you need and the counsel you deserve.

Contact Our Team | Protect Your Assets And Your Future

From our office in Newport Beach, we serve clients throughout California. Call our office at 949-612-2743 or toll-free at 800-491-2712. You may also reach us online to set up an initial strategy session.