Filing Copyright Infringement And Trade Secret Lawsuits

It is your idea, and you took steps to protect it. However, despite the legal measures that are in place, trade secrets can quickly become exposed and copyrights infringed upon. When that happens, our California attorneys at the Daily Law Group are ready to go before a judge to secure what is rightfully yours. With over three decades of combined experience, you can trust that our intellectual property lawyers will get the job done efficiently and fairly.

What Damages Are Awarded In Copyright Infringement Cases?

If your case is successful, you may be entitled to receive damages, including:

  • Statutory – If you registered the copyright within three months after or prior to the infringement, you may be awarded statutory damages. In accordance with the Copyright Act, you may be able to recover anywhere from $30,000 to $150,000, depending on the circumstances of your case. You may also be able to recover attorney's fees.
  • Actual damages – If you suffered a financial loss (such as in sales or licensing) due to the infringement, you may be able to recover the dollar amount that was lost. We can hire expert witnesses to determine the value of the loss.

What Damages Are Awarded When Trade Secrets Are Misappropriated?

Once a trade secret has been revealed, the remedies listed above may not be enough to cover past and future losses. As such, you may be entitled to receive more damages than you would in a copyright infringement case. The classification for trade secret damages are as follows:

  • Actual damages and unjust enrichment This includes any lost revenue or expenses that were a result of the misappropriation.
  • Reasonable royalties The defendant may be ordered to pay you reasonable royalties. We will calculate what these royalties should be and fight for a fair verdict, settlement or judgment.

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