Hardheaded Advice And Assertive Representation

The longer a business dispute lasts, the more it costs in time, money and energy. You should obtain legal advice at the earliest stage of your case.

At the Daily Law Group, we act quickly to protect the rights of our clients by providing sound advice and vigorous legal representation. Our firm has extensive experience in a wide range of business matters, ranging from business formation and structuring issues, to a relatively straightforward breach of contract disputes to highly complex, document-intensive commercial lawsuits.

Daily Law Group represents clients in matters involving:

"Attorneys are like firemen. When a house is burning, we don't run away. We run directly into trouble. That's our nature." — James Daily

Experience And Resources To Resolve Your Challenges

Our principal attorney, James Daily, has successfully directed numerous business litigation efforts. Often leading a team of attorneys and financial analysts, Mr. Daily has the experience and resources to handle all types of commercial law issues, including those involving complex issues of fact, law and finance.

When advising you regarding your legal options, our attorneys will review your case and explain the legal issues that will affect the outcome. You will have a full understanding of your case, including potential legal costs. Our team of lawyers will then act decisively on your behalf.

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From our office in Newport Beach, California, we serve clients throughout California and the world. Call us at 949-612-2743 or toll-free at 800-491-2712. You may also reach us online to set up an initial consultation.